Living Relentlessly: The Struggles of Everyday Life.

This blog is basically for me to express my thoughts and if someone else happens to read my post and gets something out of it then that’s great. I have been reading a lot of “Personal Growth” books lately due to I have realized that I am not perfect (imagine that). I want to share the books I have read here and also things I struggle with on a daily. So a little about me in a nut shell is that I struggle from serious A.D.D. I find my self waking up each morning struggling to get going to get anything accomplished. Simple task like making the bed just seem to much so I wouldn’t do them. Normal adult things like laundry, dishes and simple shit like that I just wouldn’t do. I put a lot of extra stress on my wife that she doesn’t deserve while I sit around and don’t do shit except for what I decide is more important than simple adult chores. I realized after reading this amazing book by John Kim called I USED TO BE A MISERABLE F*UCK that wasn’t being a man (I am 29) but that I was acting like a child dependent on someone else to do simple task. I knew I had to change because my wife didn’t deserve that. She didn’t deserve to have to pick up after me. Now that’s not all I got out of the book but that is something that really hit me hard. Being in a relationship takes two people so if your not helping out your significant other then grow the fuck up and realize you’re not a kid anymore. Another thing I have struggled with is self motivation. I use to live in the gym and lift just about every single day of the week but for months now I have been saying I am going to get back consistent and I just have not done it. I have lied to myself over and over saying next week will be different but it never is. I struggle a lot with my self image and I am not sure why but I don’t like people seeing that I am not that big guy I use to be and it causes me to issues with the way I look and that’s not okay. I shouldn’t care what people think so much but I do and that’s something I am working on. I play it off like I could care two shits what people think of me but that’s a lie. I want to be liked and sometimes I think that hurts me as a person. We need to learn ho to not give a f*ck sometimes. Again this is something I am working on. There is a chapter in another book I read UNFU*K YOURSELF by Gary John Bishop. The chapter is called I AM RELENTLESS. Which was funny because I started a brand about 4 years ago called TEAM RELENTLESS when I was driven by the gym and being the best I could be. This chapter started opening my eyes to what I use to be and what I need to work relentlessly to become again. There is a paragraph in that book I would like to quote: ” True relentlessness comes when the only thing you have left is relentlessness. When it seems all is lost and all hope and evidence for success have long since vanished, relentlessness is the fuel that drives you through.” This quote spoke to me so heavily and reminds me each day to get my ass up and be productive. Life is to short to waste it away on the couch. In order to feed that relentless fuel you have to make yourself get up and get going even when you don’t want too. Eventually getting up and getting shit done will become a habit and not something you have to force yourself to do. I am currently still in the stage of forcing myself to get up but believe me when I tell you that the habit will come because I am not going to give up on myself this time. #IamRelentless #anythingispossible