Back to the Grind

So several years ago I started a “brand” (unofficially) called Team Relentless. Basically gym motivation clothing that I would sell locally to people at the gym or anyone interested and wanted to support me. I have a Graphic Design degree so I do all the designs myself and created my own logo but about a year ago my software crashed due to the mac I had basically got pretty old and everything went to shit. So I basically just stopped designing and that kinda led me to lose my way not only when it come to designing but also in the gym. I did not realize that was happening until recently. I quit going to the gym consistently and turned down a number to design opportunities. All that has changed as of recently because I have been focused on becoming a better me and better husband to my wife. It has not been easy to stay motivated or get motivated each day but I work at it each day. I just downloaded new design software as of writing this blog and I have been consistent in the gym. I will hopefully be able to have new clothing designs I can offer everyone who will be interested soon. I want to help spread the word to everyone to be RELENTLESS everyday because we all have our struggles big or small but it is how we decide to deal with them that matters. Are you going to lay down and let them beat you or are you going to be RELENTLESS and beat it. Life will always throw us curveballs but it is us to us to decide how we will attack them. So stay relentless and keep fighting and I promise you can win the war. #IamRelentless #TeamRelentless