Don’t Chase, Do Attract

I want to start by saying I owe this current way of thinking to John Kim (The Angry Therapist) and his book “I USED TO BE A MISERABLE F*CK”. I read this book and received a lot out of it so I want to talk about a small section he calls Don’t Chase, Do Attract. From the 1st sentence I realized I have been in a chasing state whether it be Cars, Money or shiny things. Whatever made me feel and look good. I felt connected to this section and I am sure I am not the only one. We as people tend feel like if we have the nicest things it will make it feel better. We tend to tell ourselves ” If I buy this new car or big house I will finally be happy.” Those are temporary things. As John Kim says in his book ” Chasing appears empowering because it is an action. You are going after something. But it is actually a depowering state. It shoots us down into a lower frequency. When we are in a chasing state, we are creating a room to exchange our truth for membership. Our chasing state is lined with desperation. We tie out worth to what we’re chasing, and if we don’t get what we’re going after, we believe we have less worth. So we give whatever or whoever we’re chasing the power. By chasing we are losing our sense of self. Whenever we lose our stance (our sense of self) we are watered down and not living at our potential. Our truth. So instead of getting what we want, we become a flipped magnet. We repel.” That hit me hard because I realized I have done that a lot in my life. So recently I have been trying really hard to focus on being in an attracting state. I will quote another section of John’s book about the attracting state that really spoke to me and hopefully it can inspire someone else. John says ” Attracting doesn’t mean to not be ambitious or go after what you want. It doesn’t mean to sit on the couch and cross your fingers. I’m talking about a mindset, a state, and intention, an energy, where we pull from. Not you work ethic. You should hustle and fail and learn and grind and work your fucking ass of to build what you’re building. There is no other way. But not at the expense of your worth. ”

“Attracting is a power-filled state. You are focusing on improving over wanting. You are not exchanging who you are for what you want. You are not seeking approval and validation. You are not taking. You are giving by being the best version of yourself. And sharing the unique gift. You are a prism (attracting). Not a stone (chasing). And by your vibrations, living on a higher frequency, and attracting who and what you were meant to attract.”

I know most of this is quoted from John’s book but I honestly could not explain it better myself. We need to focus on attracting and quit chasing. When we allow ourselves to do that our lives will be a lot more meaningful. #DontChaseDoAttract #BeRelentess #TeamRelentless

All quotes are from this book. More blogs to come about it. #SpreadTheWord