Your Logo is an investment

When you think of a business you think of their logo. Your Logo is the face of your business, it is the first thing people see. People are quick to judge a business based on the logo of the business. People think differently but a lot of people (from information I have gathered) believe that […]

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Screw sinus issues!

I am in need of some help. I have felt with sinus issues since I was a teenager and it sucks. If anyone out there has any remedies that help sinuses/allergies I am all ears. At this point I would try anything. I currently write this blog laying on my couch with two pieces of […]

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Fear of Failure

Failure is something that we all are going to have in our lives but we can not let failure cause us to quit. We also can not let the fear of failing cause us to never start. Failure is a chance to learn and I wish I would have figured that out at a younger […]

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Don’t Chase, Do Attract

I want to start by saying I owe this current way of thinking to John Kim (The Angry Therapist) and his book “I USED TO BE A MISERABLE F*CK”. I read this book and received a lot out of it so I want to talk about a small section he calls Don’t Chase, Do Attract. […]

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Be Relentless

Never give up. People will always discount you, and you’ll always get rejected. But set your sights high. Be boldly ambitious. Be relentless and never give up. 

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Need a kick in the ass?

Do you want to live RELENTLESSLY? Do you want to become a better you? Do you struggle doing simple shit just because you are to unmotivated? Then maybe you are like me and needed a kick in the ass. I am the type of person that I do not like anything sugar coated so when […]

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